Laptop Stores in Hyderabad, chennai

Why Laptop store - Laptop store is the best service provider in hyderabad who repair just about everything. Best service is always determined by the durability of service provided and the performance of the gadget post service. We at Laptop store make sure that once we do service maintenance on any gadget , the durability and functionality is not at all compromised. We believe in optimum returns for the customer for the money he spends.

Highly qualified technicians - Laptop Store perhaps has the best wing of Technicians who have mastered themselves in the service fields with utmost experience and knowledge on computers and its accessories. All brands of laptops which stands for its own high standards for its offering always makes sure that the service provided is also of high standard Use of modern technology - We offer high level technological treatment on your gadget to make sure the quality standards of the product is not at all compromised. BGA machine, Optical alignment machine and BGA oven which are of high standards are installed at all workstation to ensure the best treatment for the best product.

What we do - we undertake service of following :

  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Tablets
Dell, Hp, Lenovo, Acer, Apple Desktops Service center Chennai, hyderabad
Dell, Hp, Lenovo, Acer, Apple Laptop Service center Chennai, hyderabad
Dell, Hp, Lenovo, Acer, Apple tablet Service center Chennai, hyderabad

Chip level experts : We have the best technical team and best machineries and that is the reason we are the best when it comes to chip level servicing in Hyderabad. We are expertise in ensuring micro level service is done on the PCB and if required new track laying is also performed to ensure sustainability and efficiency.

Repair Vs replacement : Our main ideology of service is more towards repair rather replacement. we believe that a sound engineer with adequate tools can always repair anything. Anyone can do replacement but only skilful service centres have the potential to repair and get the product ready with utmost top quality and efficiency.

Quality & Trust : We believe in only quality in terms of service and winning the trust of customer by delighting them.

We repair every model laptop offered and also all Tablet PC offered. We always ensure timely availability of skilful technicians with tools and maintain a healthy ratio of spare parts stock, thus enabling the customers to have immediate solution for their service requirement.

Customers can reach out to us for every service complaints they have in terms of software and also hardware, we at laptop service centre will make sure that repairing is done for the service issues immediately. Laptop store has a very big workstation which enables immediate action on products and instant solutions to our clients.

You have a problem - we always have a solution

  • Mother board failure
  • Screen damaged / power on no display
  • Panel broken
  • Fan related queries
  • Operating System complaints
  • System not turning on
  • Audio complaints
  • Hard disk/SSD/Ram issue
  • Drives not working (USB/DVD)
  • Any other unique issues

Come to us only if you are looking for quality in service, we believe in offering customer good service. We are cost effective for offering good quality service.

Desktop & Monitor service :

Traditional desktops and monitors service is done at our service centre. They are very sensitive products since there are not many who have the expertise or knowledge to perform chip level service in PCB of desktops and all in ones. Not all PCB failures need replacements, servicing is possible if you have technicians with enough skill set.And we are proud to say we have maintained as steady result in repairing the monitors at a very low costing

➜ We offer free consultation and testing charges to our customer.
➜ Door step free pickup and delivery.
➜ 24/7 voice support .
➜ Service centres across Hyderabad.
➜ Out station support in chennai.